Gangasheel Hospital is a 100 + bedded, first tertiary care multi super-specialty hospital located in Bareilly. The hospital is easily accessible to patients coming from the various regions of the West UP, Uttarakhand and Nepal. The hospital has patient wards equipped with Centralized Oxygen Supply, Emergency Management Team, Air Conditioners and other required state of art facilities.

Care Wards in hospital are as follow :

  1. Emergency Ward
  2. Semi Private Wards
  3. Oncology Ward
  4. High Dependency Unit
  5. Neonatal ICU
  6. Pediatric Ward
  7. She Care wards
  8. Intensive Care Unit
  9. Stroke Ward
  10. Cardiac ICU
  11. Neuro ICU
  12. Pre/Post Operative Ward
  13. General Ward
  14. Dialysis Ward
  15. Private Rooms to Executive Rooms

Followed up by the separate air conditioned waiting area for the attendants of indoor patients, distinguished OPD Block with the air conditioned waiting area with the RO drinking water and rest rooms at each floor for the complete care for the attendants and patients 24*7 availability of Canteen for the hygienic food supply.

With latest technology and state of the art infrastructure, Gangasheel Hospital boasts of world class healthcare facilities to its patients. We have most advanced Operation Theatres and Central Sterile Supply Department to control/prevent the infection rate and to provide the best Operative Results with the minimal risk.

All the Critical Care beds with us have high end equipments, including latest devices for monitoring patients, facilities for carrying out procedures such as Endoscopy, Bronchoscopes and Haemo-dialysis.

You will get multiple access system, advanced fire extinguisher system and CCTV cameras installed across the hospital. The entire campus is Wi-fi enabled and the Hospital Information System (HIS) is highly efficient with its connectivity across IPD, OPD and Diagnostic areas.

To ensure the proper care and attention separate department of Patient Care, Hospital Infection Control is available and Help Desk to facilitate all the attendants of Patients prevailing healthcare facility.

High-technology Equipments :

  • Cath Lab – Cath. Lab with 3D reconstruction, DSA and Electrophysiological studies.
  • ICU – Equipped with latest tech Ventilators, CPR Machines, Defibrillators, Monitors and Round the clock availability of Intensives.
  • Endoscopy Room – Advanced Endoscope for the best procedures and results
  • Blood Bank – 24*7 availability of Blood and its components including Platelets, Plasma and other blood components.
  • Laboratories – Our laboratory is well equipped with all major diagnostic services including Hematology, Cytology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Histopathology.
  • High frequency low radiation X-Ray.
  • Ultrasound – Ultrasound machines with whole body Doppler and 3D imaging.
  • Echocardiography – Portable High End Echocardiography Machines for the facility of Patients.
  • CT Scan – Multi Slice CT Scan generating high quality images.
  • Dental Facilities – The state of the art dental facility is equipped with fully automatic dental chairs and high precision and low radiation digital X-Ray.

All of our Radiation Equipments are approved and tested by AERB.

Health Tips

Dietetics & Nutrition: Healthy Eating Eat foods rich in calcium and iron. Calcium is important for bone health and Iron is important to reduce the risk of anemia.

Liver & Gastro: Limit Fat Intake High levels of fat in the blood and high levels of cholesterol are common causes of Fatty Liver disease. Limit fat intake.

Pediatrics: Avoid Childhood Obesity Physical activity is very important for children to avoid Childhood obesity. 1 hour of daily exercising is recommended for children.

Dental Care: Heart Health is Connected Dental health is the indication of overall health. Floss and brush your teeth daily to ward off gum disease as well as heart disease.

Spine Health: Good Shoes are Important Good shoes give a supportive base that helps the spine and body remain in proper alignment and reduce pain while moving.

She Care: Get Vaccinated Women between the age of 11-26, must consider the HPV vaccine. It protects against common causes of cervical, vaginal & vulvar cancer.