Gangasheel Group of Hospitals & Institutions is serving the society in the field of Medicine & Healthcare since the last 35 years. The prominent quality Healthcare and Medical / Nursing / Paramedical Education provider and one of the largest medical industry brand name in the Bareilly and it’s concerned Region. The Group has been caring the patients & guiding the students on the path of progress with the visionary approach & lofty ideas. Consequently, our credo is to provide an all round development in the field of Healthcare & Medical / Nursing / Paramedical Education.

In 1987, “Sheel Hospital” was established as the First Multi- Specialty Hospital which was inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Defense Minister of India, Shri K. C. Pant.

With the onset of 1999, The Gangasheel Group came up with the first Joint Replacement and Trauma Centre “Shri Gangacharan Aryawardhan Hospital”. Equipped with latest technologies, and modern amenities, it has sophisticated medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipments like highly advanced multi sliced CT Scan Machine, Operation Theatre, many other state-of-the art technologies for performing advanced laparoscopic surgeries and neuro surgeries.

In 2007, Gangasheel Advance Medical Research Institute was inaugurated which provides comprehensive health care services through its various multi – super specialty departments and OPD departments. It offers super-specialty services in the field of Joint Replacement Surgeries, Cardiology/Cardiac Surgeries, Neurology/Neurosurgeries, Nephrology/Urology, Gastro Surgery, Oncology/Onco Surgery, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeries to name a few.
The Cardiac O.T. is a modular equipped with cutting edge technology and the most advanced equipments for performing CTVS procedures, catering to both young and adult population.
Gangasheel Advance Medical Research Institute is NABH Accredited (Entry Level) Hospital and is on the panel of more than 40+ prestigious organizations which includes PSU’s, Insurance companies and TPA’s. Gangasheel is the only private hospital in Bareilly region to have recognition by Ministry of Medical Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi under CS(MA) Rules 1944 for treatment of Central Government Employees.

The Journey So Far…

In year 1979 : The Foundation was laid with the Sheel Maternity Nursing Home.

In year 1989 : A 80-bedded hospital, Sheel Hospital with the multi-specialty services was inaugurated by the then Defense Minister of India, Sri K.C. Pant.

In year 1999 : Sri Gangacharan Aryawardhan Hospital was laid down as a joint replacement and trauma centre which was inaugurated by the Ex- Chief Minister of U.P. Shri Rajnath Singh.

In year 2001 : Gangasheel Blood Bank & Blood Component Centre was established.

In year 2002 : Gangasheel School of Nursing was established.

In year 2007 : Gangasheel Advanced Medical Research Institute one of the best multi-super specialty hospital with the salient advanced medical technology & features in the city and its adjacent region was introduced.

In year 2013 : To promote the ancient Indian medicine branch ‘Ayurveda’, we endowed Gangasheel Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital with the facilities of Ayurvedic Medicines and Therapies for patients and full graduation course in field of Medicine known as B.A.M.S. for medical aspirants.

In year 2013 : Also, Sheel Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd. was awarded to run eight Community Health Centres of Uttarakhand under Public Private Partnership model for five years.

In year 2015: Gangasheel Mahavidyalaya was established for enhancing the quality of Higher Education in Bareilly region. Currently the College is offering various course like B.Sc., B.Com., B.A., B.Com. (Hons.), M.Sc. etc.

Health Tips

Dietetics & Nutrition: Healthy Eating Eat foods rich in calcium and iron. Calcium is important for bone health and Iron is important to reduce the risk of anemia.

Liver & Gastro: Limit Fat Intake High levels of fat in the blood and high levels of cholesterol are common causes of Fatty Liver disease. Limit fat intake.

Pediatrics: Avoid Childhood Obesity Physical activity is very important for children to avoid Childhood obesity. 1 hour of daily exercising is recommended for children.

Dental Care: Heart Health is Connected Dental health is the indication of overall health. Floss and brush your teeth daily to ward off gum disease as well as heart disease.

Spine Health: Good Shoes are Important Good shoes give a supportive base that helps the spine and body remain in proper alignment and reduce pain while moving.

She Care: Get Vaccinated Women between the age of 11-26, must consider the HPV vaccine. It protects against common causes of cervical, vaginal & vulvar cancer.