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What is Keyhole Spine Surgery?

Minimally invasive or minimally invasive spinal surgery is minimally invasive because this spinal surgery is performed through one or more small incisions through which tubular retractors are placed. Keyhole spinal surgery ranges from discectomies and decompressions for spinal stenosis to instrumented fusions.

Minimally invasive spine surgeries are performed using a unique surgical instrument called a tubular retractor. In certain situations, special micro lumbar retractors are used. be treated. Tube retractors keep the muscles open and supported throughout the procedure. Ensures minimal blood loss and damage to muscles, ligaments, and bones compared to open Operation.

When you are having pain numbness, weakness and tingling in the spine which is persistent and progressive. When pain caused by a back condition persists for more than a few months and/or seems to be getting progressively worse then you need to visit Spine Surgeon .

  • Less anesthesia.
  • Less blood loss during surgery.
  • Less muscle and soft tissue damage.
  • Reduced risk of infection.
  • Less pain after surgery.
  • Less pain medication use.
  • Better cosmetic result (a few tiny scars vs one large scar).
  • Shorter hospital stay (a few days vs about a week).
  • Shorter recovery time (a few months vs up to a year).
  • Quicker return to daily activities, including work.
  • Bad response to the anesthesia.
  • Pneumonia after surgical operation.
  • Blood clots on your legs (deep vein thrombosis) might also additionally journey to the lungs (pulmonary embolus).
  • Infection on the site of surgical operation.
  • Blood loss throughout surgical operation requires a blood transfusion.

Average cost of Keyhole Spine Surgery in India would range somewhere between 1,40,000 - 3,70,000.

There are many myths about this spine surgery prevalent in the society some are:-

  • A Person Requires Lengthy Bed Rest
  • There Can Be A Possibility of More Than One Spinal Surgery
  • More Pain Will Take Place After The Completion of Surgery
  • There Will Be A Decreased Taste of Life After Surgery
  • Every Spinal Surgery Is A Major One
  • There Will Be A Need To Take Medicines For A Lifetime
  • Problems like Paralysis Can Occur Post Surgical Procedure
  • Pain Will Go Forever
  • All the Physical Activities Will Be Stopped After Surgery
  • An Uncomfortable Situation To The Back Will Always Lead To A Surgery

Yes, Key Hole Spine Surgery is available in Bareilly at Gangasheel Hospital by the team of expert Orthopedics & Spine Surgeons in the city.