At Gangasheel Hospital, the department of Ophthalmology offers end to end care for prevention, protection, restoration and improvement of one’s vision. At our department of Ophthalmology, we offer all inclusive eye care services including diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, glaucoma management, corneal diseases, eye trauma, management of squint etc. The department is manned by highly qualified and experienced eye specialists and is equipped with cutting edge technology and sophisticated instruments which enable the eye surgeons to perform all the eye procedures with precision thereby leaving less room for errors. The patients are given optimum ophthalmic or eye care owing to the expertise of eye specialists and the high-end technology at the department.
  • •Cataract Surgery – The department offers painless, suture less Cataract surgery with the help of advanced phacoemulcification system. The department offers all varieties of latest intra-ocular lenses including rollable, multifocal, foldable, toric and multifocal toric IOLs.
  • •Glaucoma Management – For Glaucoma management, both medical and surgical treatments are available at our hospital.
  • •Vitreo-Retinal Services – Treatment for Vitreo-Retinal Diseases such as Macular Disorders, Diabetic Eye Disease, Vitreous Hemorrhage and Retinal Detachment are available.
  • •Paediatric Ophthalmology – Various eye problems in children such as Squint, Lazy Eye, nutritional deficiencies such as Vitamin A deficiency, ptosis, congenital glaucoma, childhood cataract are managed at the department. Facilities for medical and surgical treatment of Ambylopia and squint are also available.
  • •Oculoplastic – Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery for the correction of eye lid abnormalities, ptosis, lid tumour management, entropion, ectropion correction are also carried out.
  • •Neuro Ophthalmology – The problems of optic nerve, intracranial conditions related to eye and vascular disorders are dealt with, including automated perimetry for screening of visual field defects.
  • •Visual Rehabilitation Unit – Deals with neuro-visual rehabilitation in adults and visual development assessment in children.
  • •Community Ophthalmology Services – The department provides Community ophthalmology services at the hospital and in various Camps.
  • •Eye Trauma Care
  • •Low vision aids & Contact Lenses
  • •Optical Counter