General & Laparoscopic Surgery


The department of General and Laparoscopic Surgery at Gangasheel Hospital is dedicated to provide an open and advanced minimally invasive surgical options for patients. The state of the art department is equipped with sophisticated instruments and technology for carrying out a wide range of both open and advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Backed by a team of highly experienced surgeons and health care professionals, the department of General & Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery has been rendering commendable services to patients ever since its inception. The department is also being aided by top notch anesthesiologists who have been providing continuous support in monitoring and preparation of patients throughout the procedures and surgeries. The highly experienced medical professionals and trained hospital staff have been following best practices and are committed to provide committed quality care to patients.

Adhering to the WHO Global Initiative of “Safe Surgery Saves Lives” the department of General and Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery has been following ethical and evidence-based surgical practices so as to provide best surgical outcomes to patients.


  • Diagnostic and Operative Treatment for Tumours and Cysts of glands such as Adrenal,Salivary, Thyroid and Parathyroids, Tumors of Abdomen, Breast and Lipomas
  • Open and Laparoscopic Surgery for all kinds of Hernias
  • Surgery and after care of trauma cases
  • Both Open and Laparoscopic Endoscopic Abdominal surgeries including surgeries of Liver, Gall Bladder, CBD, Stomach, Small & Large Intestines, Appendix, Adrenals and other surgeries.
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Treatment of Ano-Rectal diseases such as Fistula, Fissures, Abscesses, Tumours, Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy
  • Management of diseases of arteries & veins including varicose veins

Technology & Infrastructure

  • State of the art hi-tech ultra modern OT Complex, equipped with Laparoscopes, Operating Microscopes, Ventilator, Anaesthesia machines, C- Arm.
  • Cutting edge technology and instruments for carrying out Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery such as Harmonic Scalpel, HD camera, ligasealer among others
  • Dedicated post-operative ICU supervised by expert Anaesthesiologists/Critical Care Receptionists.
  • Manned by highly experienced surgeons and healthcare professionals.

Our Professional


  • DR. ASHISH GANGWARM.S. Ophthalmology

  • DR. MANOJ KUMAR HIRANIM.S. Orthopaedics

  • DR. MUKUL KAMTHANM.P.T. Physiotherapy

  • DR. NISHANT GUPTAM.D., D.M. Cardiology



  • DR. RANDHIR SINGHM.D. Anaesthesiology

  • DR. SANJAY BAJPAIM.D., D.N.B. Nephrology

  • DR. SHAH MOHD FAISALM.D., D.M. Neurology

  • DR. SHALINI MAHESHWARIM.S. Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • DR. VANDANA JINDALM.D. Pathology

  • Ms. PRIYANKA RASTOGIM.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics


  • DR. VIPUL KUMARM.S., M.Ch. Plastic & Cosmetic

  • DR. RAJNIKANT SAHUM.S., M.Ch. Neurosurgery

  • DR. LAXMAN SWAROOPM.S., M.Ch. Urology

  • DR. DUSHYANT GUPTAM.S. General & Laproscopy


  • DR. GYANENDRA GUPTAM.D., P.D.C.C. Pulmonology

  • DR. HARSH VARDHANM.S., D.N.B. Onco Surgery


Health Tips

Dietetics & Nutrition: Healthy Eating Eat foods rich in calcium and iron. Calcium is important for bone health and Iron is important to reduce the risk of anemia.

Liver & Gastro: Limit Fat Intake High levels of fat in the blood and high levels of cholesterol are common causes of Fatty Liver disease. Limit fat intake.

Pediatrics: Avoid Childhood Obesity Physical activity is very important for children to avoid Childhood obesity. 1 hour of daily exercising is recommended for children.

Dental Care: Heart Health is Connected Dental health is the indication of overall health. Floss and brush your teeth daily to ward off gum disease as well as heart disease.

Spine Health: Good Shoes are Important Good shoes give a supportive base that helps the spine and body remain in proper alignment and reduce pain while moving.

She Care: Get Vaccinated Women between the age of 11-26, must consider the HPV vaccine. It protects against common causes of cervical, vaginal & vulvar cancer.