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What is Mitral Valve Repair?

Surgery to repair the mitral valve helps people with mitral valve disease live longer, healthier lives. You may need this surgery if your mitral valve is very leaky or narrow. Without treatment, these problems can damage your heart over time and can be fatal. Talk to your doctor about the treatment plan that works best for you.

Patient who have leaky valve, may need to have mitral valve repair surgery.

Patient with mild form of the disease, may not need surgery. Doctor may prescribe medications to control symptoms. But patient may need a close eye on the situation. Doctor monitors your heart with echocardiogram tests. Patient may later need surgery to control a valve disease that is making heart worse or more damaging. Patient may need a mitral valve repair if: patient have severe regurgitation (valve is leaking badly). Regurgitation causes symptoms. Patient's left ventricle doesn't pump enough blood to the body (left-sided heart failure). Patient's heart is enlarged. Patient may have severe mitral valve stenosis with severe symptoms or a very narrow valve opening. Doctor may try other methods first, such as a balloon mitral valvotomy.

  • Lower risk of complications like endocarditis and stroke
  • Better preservation of heart function
  • Improved lifestyle
  • Better chances for living longer and by surviving surgery
  • No need for long term use of blood thinners

Although the aortic valve is usually replaced, aortic valve repair may be an option.

Bicuspid aortic valve repair:-

A bicuspid aortic valve can be repaired by reshaping the aortic leaflets, allowing the valve to open and close more fully. Bicuspid aortic valve repair may be an option to treat leaky valves, but it cannot be used to treat a narrowed bicuspid aortic valve. Repair of the bicuspid aortic valve can be performed using a minimally invasive "J" incision surgical technique. Aortic valve surgery is technically difficult and should be performed by a surgeon experienced in aortic valve repair.

Repairing an Enlarged Aorta:-

Aortic valve disease is often associated with an enlargement (aneurysm) of the ascending aorta, the initial part of the aorta (the main blood vessel in the body that originates from the aortic valve). If the enlargement of the aorta is large (usually more than 4.5 to 5 cm in diameter), that part of the aorta may need to be replaced. Replacement occurs at the time of repair or replacement of the aortic valve. A special procedure (David's procedure) can be performed on patients with a leaky aortic valve and an enlarged aorta. The David procedure allows surgeons to repair the aortic valve while replacing the enlarged ascending aorta.

  • No need of Blood thinners
  • Reduces the chances of heart damage
  • Less bleeding
  • Easy and quicker recovery

Yes, Valve Repair is available in Bareilly at Gangasheel Hospital by the team of expert CTVS Surgeons in the city.