Department of Nephrology (Kidney Care)

Treatment for Acute Kidney Ifection - AKI and Chronic Kidney Diseases - CKD in Bareilly - Gangasheel Hospital
Department of Nephrology (Kidney Care)

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Treatment for Acute Kindey Infection - AKI, Chronic Kidney Diseases - CKD, Renal Stone, Kidney Failure and and all kind of Kidney Diseases is available at Department of Nephrology - Kidney Care, Gangasheel Hospital, Bareilly - where our expert Nephrologist provides 24x7, Peritonial DIalysis, Hemodialysis, CRRT, SLED Dialysis, Emergency Management Care and Diagnostic Services for Kidney Transplant, Kidney Infection, Kidney Failure and all Nephrology Patients. For more information or to Consult the Best Nephorlogist in Bareilly reach us.

In addition to providing medical treatment, the Nephrology department at Gangasheel Hospital also focuses on patient education and counselling to help patients manage their kidney-related conditions. The department provides guidance on lifestyle modifications, dietary restrictions, and medication adherence, among other things.

The Nephrology department at Gangasheel Hospital is staffed by highly qualified and experienced nephrologists who work in close collaboration with other medical departments to provide multidisciplinary care to patients. The department is equipped with advanced medical technology and facilities, including modern dialysis machines, to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Overall, the Nephrology department at Gangasheel Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to patients with kidney-related medical conditions, and strives to help patients achieve optimal health outcomes and a better quality of life.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases such as chronic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, and nephrotic syndrome.
  • Management of hypertension and electrolyte imbalances.
  • Dialysis services for patients with end-stage renal disease.
  • Management of urinary tract infections and kidney stones.
  • Supportive care for patients with kidney-related complications of other medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

The Nephrology department at Gangasheel Hospital also offers various diagnostic and imaging services to help diagnose and monitor kidney-related conditions. These services include:

  1. Blood and urine tests to assess kidney function and detect abnormalities.
  2. Imaging tests such as ultrasound and CT scan to visualize the kidneys and detect any abnormalities or blockages.
  3. Biopsy of the kidney tissue to diagnose certain kidney diseases.


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Dr. Prem Mohan Jha

D.R.N.B. - Nephrology

Senior Nephrologist
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Dr. Sujan Singh

M.Ch. - Urology

Senior Urologist

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