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Department of Emergency Management

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Treatment for Medical Emergencies like Cardiac Arrest, Complete Heart Block. Heart Attack, Brain Haemorrhage, Swallowing of Objects - like Coin etc., Poison, Food Poisoning, Dysentry, Vomiting, Obstetric Cases - Normal or Caesarian Delivery, Sudden Vision Loss, Sudden Hearing Loss, Fracture of Spine, Hands, Legs, Femur, Collar Bone & Joints, Variety of Trauma - RTA (Road Traffic Accident), Gun Shot Injury, Knife Stab, Burn Trauma, Fall from Stairs or Road, Hit by Rod or any Object, Head Injury, Thoracic/Chest Injury, Fracture of Hip, Nasal Bone, Eye Trauma, Dental and Facial Trauma, Acid Attack, Rape and Physical Abuse is available at Department of Emergency Management, Gangasheel Hospital, Bareilly - where our expert Team of Doctors, Surgeons and Critical Care Specialists provides the best Emergency Care, 24x7 Road Traffic Accident Management, LSCS & Normal Delivery, Cardiac Interventions and Trauma Surgeries For more information or to available best Emergency Medical Care Services in Bareilly reach us.

The Emergency Department (ED) at the Gangasheel Hospital has dedicated Emergency Physicians & Trained Nurses who have years of experience in handling patients under emergency medical situations in the shortest possible time.
Being an integral part of the healthcare system, the Emergency Department is the first point of contact for all emergencies; medical and surgical. The centre offers round the clock emergency care services with the objective to provide timely treatment to patients as per their needs.

  • Multi-disciplinary support in case of road accidents, trauma, falls and assaults.
  • ACLS and BLS Ambulance
  • Triage
  • Medico-legal evaluation
  • Management of Brain and Spinal trauma
  • Patient transport facilities
  • Management of poisoning, snake and animal bite
  • Management of spinal and head injuries
  • Ventilation and Intubation (Invasive and Non-invasive) both
  • Thrombolytic therapy in Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Thrombolytic therapy in Ischaemic stroke
  • Established protocols for patients presenting with chest pain, stroke, trauma and other complex conditions.
  • 24X7 Emergency Helpline - +91-99 275 44 444
  • Operation Theatre equipped with anaesthesia facilities
  • 24hrs. available Ambulance equipped with latest technology and well-supported by dedicated and trained personnel
  • Effective and prompt communication between the Ambulances and Emergency Room (ER).
  • In close proximity to our Blood Bank, Laboratory and Radiology services
  • Backed by super-specialists including Consultants and Trained Nurses

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