Department of Radiology & Imaging

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Department of Radiology & Imaging

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Radiology & Imaging at Gangasheel Hospital is one of the highly prestigious & advanced departments providing round the clock services for patients. Backed by a team of highly qualified radiologists and trained professionals & paramedical hospital staff, the department of Radiology & Imaging offers a wide range of services for the diagnosis & treatment of both vascular, non-vascular procedures and mammography & breast procedures.For more information to visit gangasheel hospital in bareilly.

Some of the vascular procedures carried out with the help of Imaging techniques include angiographies, angioplasties, catheter directed thrombolytic therapy in arteries & veins, control of life threatening bleeding from GI tract, Respratory & Genito-urinary tract, embolization of arterio-venous malformations, uterine artery embolization, varicose vein ablation, aneurysm coiling etc. The non-vascular procedures include Ultrasound /CT guided FNAC & biopsies, biliary stenting, Percutaneous nephrostomy, radiofrequency ablation of tumours.

  • Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan :-
  • Multi-slice CT machine at the department provides high resolution scans in a short duration of time. The commonly done CT scans at the department include:

    1. CT Head, Chest & Abdomen
    2. CT Musculoskeletal system
    3. High Resolution CT Chest
    4. CT Guided Biopsies & FNAC
    5. Customized patient-centric CT Scans
  • 500 MA X-Ray :-
  • The department is equipped with both conventional as well as latest X-ray machines equipped with image intensifiers for performing fluoroscopic controlled procedures.

  • Ultrasound :-
  • The procedures commonly done at the department of Radiology & Imaging include, but not limited to:

    1. Routine Abdominal Ultrasonography
    2. Antenatal sonography for assessing abnormalities in developing babies, ovulation monitoring
    3. Paediatric & Neonatal sonography
    4. Neurosonography
    5. Transvaginal & Transrectal sonography
    6. Sonography of small parts such as thyroid, parathyroid, scrotum etc.
    7. Doppler sonography for abdomen, pregnancy, carotid & peripheral vascular diseases
    8. Doppler sonography for kidney transplant
    9. Invasive procedures requiring USG guidance such as liver abscess, pleural & ascitic tapping
    10. Ultrasound guided surgical & gynaecological procedures in OTs

    Keeping in mind the best interest of the patients, the department provides personalized and accurate diagnosis through its state-of-the-art diagnostic equipments including:

  • Multi-slice CT scan
  • Digital X-ray
  • Ultrasound


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Dr. Atif Siraj

DMRD - Radiology

Senior Radiologist

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